Waterotor is a breakthrough technology that harnesses energy from slow water currents


Waterotor Energy Technologies is a renewable energy company that has developed an innovative technology of the same name. Waterotor can generate a viable and sufficient source of electricity when submerged in water moving as slow as 2mph.

The company points out that “accessible and affordable electricity is a major global issue.” Indeed, 1.3 million people in the world live without access to power. In more developed countries that have a sufficient supply of electricity, power is still expensive. If we continue to rely on fossil fuels – which are running out – to generate our electricity, then these issues will worsen. Furthermore, our reliance on fossil fuels is driving climate change, so we need to start investing in alternative, renewable sources of energy.

Waterotor Energy Technologies has seen a window of opportunity in which to make a difference. As the company states:


Over 800 million people depend on high cost, polluting fossil fuel generators for their power. However, over 71% of the planet is covered with slowly moving water in rivers, canals, and ocean currents.

A huge, untouched global market exists to provide electricity where it is unavailable, and also to replace the millions of fuel-burning generators currently supplying power at very high cost.



A possible solution

The company is very passionate and optimistic about the potential of their patented technology. As it highlights:


Waterotor can address this global market creating a revolutionary new era of low cost electrical energy nearly everywhere. Developed over the past 5 years, it is now proven and ready for assigned manufacturers.

Waterotor fills the market void that exists for an energy to electricity system, when fully submerged in water even moving as slow as 2 mph. It is a unique drum like ‘rolling torque induction system’ that can operate nearly everywhere to satisfy electrification on a global scale. Waterotor is an advanced precisely defined, patented, proven and scalar technology.


Check out this video to see how Waterotor works.

It should also be emphasised that the innovative nature of this technology comes down to the fact that it can generate electricity from very slow moving water currents. It’s the first of its kind to be able to do this. The company adds:


Waterotor is a patented breakthrough technology. No other water energy extraction device has managed to produce an equivalent of high energy while operating in very low water flow speeds, as slow as 2 mph. Waterotor captures consistent and economical electricity with sealed attached generators, when submerged within ocean currents, rivers and canals.

This unique invention is due to the way Waterotor achieves maximum torque, resulting in a high coefficient of power. The generator converts energy from pure torque moments in contrast to systems with propeller or wing-like blades which require much higher flow velocities to achieve or match the same Coefficient-of-Power in flow speeds below 9 mph.

Water has 830 times more energy than wind thus a small device in water can economically harness a large amount of energy around the clock. Waterotor is an engineering breakthrough, with significant advantages over previous systems. These advantages enable early global market penetration.




The capabilities of this technology are garnering a lot of interest. For example, an Indonesian private group has offered to buy a $5m license to manufacture Waterotors in Indonesia, which will then be used to supply power to fishing villages situated on the country’s over 17,000 islands.

The affordability of the power Waterotor generates is a highly attractive feature for many countries. The company CEO, Fred Ferguson, says:


You take the capital costs, meaning the purchase price of one of our 20 kilowatt units and if you put it in water it’ll run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 360 days a year — we allow five days of downtime — if you project that out over 10 years you get to less than five cents per kilowatt hour.


The technology is also non-invasive and so doesn’t entail the environmental issues associated with hydroelectric dams.

The main market for the technology is in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Micronesia – countries that suffer from a lack of electricity. Unlike with hydroelectric dams, the device doesn’t involve changing the level of the water, which means you don’t run the risk of flooding nearby villages.

Here at Red Planet, we’re always interested in how innovative, sustainable technologies can be applied to space exploration. While something like this device may not be used on a spacecraft (since there is no large body of water on board), it can still serve as inspiration for a future technology – or improvements to an existing technology – that is highly energy efficient.

Moreover, if we want to colonise Mars and live on the Red Planet sustainably, then utilising technology like Waterotor could prove beneficial. After all, huge water reserves have recently been on found on Mars, so it’s quite feasible that we could generate power using the planet’s supply of water.


About the author: Sam Woolfe @samwoolfe

Sam is a writer who is especially interested in space exploration, sustainability, tech, agriculture, and nutrition.



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